About Me

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I’m Sharon, and I sincerely hope you find this blog illuminating. I’m having worked as a ghost writer or project manager on over 20 online projects, I fell in love with the freelancing lifestyle. I appreciate being able to set my own hours, work on a whole variety of tasks, and live my life as I wish. However, writing first became a passion when I started teaching, and I still work as an educator part-time. In my view, I have the best of both worlds.

Right now I specialize in content creation and optimization. I like starting a project from scratch as much as I like finding existing content and making it work online, driving traffic and reaching its target audience.

As you can imagine, writing is my passion, which is why I love that I can now do it for work. This blog is just another outlet for that passion, where I’ll be able to post everything from work samples to journal entries, or even just share writing that I find moving and amazing. This is the space where my personal and professional lives may collide, but they co-exist offline, so I guess they’ll work together on a blog too.


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